What types of structures are covered by the rule?

Target Housing

Housing constructed prior to 1978, except housing for the elderly or persons with disabilities (unless a child under age 6 years resides in or is expected to reside in such housing) and 0-bedroom dwellings.

Child-Occupied Facility

Day care, pre-school, kindergarten classroom, or other facility in a building constructed prior to 1978 that is visited regularly by the same child under age 6, on at least two different days within any week, provided that each day's visit lasts at least 3 hours and the combined weekly visits last at least 6 hours, and the combined annual visits last at least 60 hours.

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1. What types of renovation are affected?
2. What types of structures are covered by the rule?
3. What actions must renovators take for each project in a home or child-occupied facility?
4. When does the rule go into effect?
5. What must a renovation professional do to comply?
6. What must a renovation firm do to prepare to comply?
7. Who will certify renovators and accredit training courses?
8. Are there exceptions to the requirements?
9. Are there any other limits to the scope of the rule?