Westbrook's Winter Lights

Westbrooks Winter Lights Banner


Westbrook's Winter Lights is an impressive holiday light display throughout our downtown area, including a massive 34-foot tall tree with a 6-foot star on top located in Westbrook Common. The grand culmination of the light display is located in Riverbank Park, where visitors can drive through a light tunnel and walk through a winter wonderland of light displays. 


While Westbrook historically displayed a number of pole-mounted light fixtures along Main Street throughout the decades, a concerted investment in the holiday lights began in 2020, to provide joy to the community during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic. The outpouring of community support was unprecedented. In the years since, continued investment has allowed for upgrading and expansion of the holiday lights, making the City of Westbrook a destination for anyone celebrating the festive holiday season. 

Westbrook's Winter Lights have become a source of pride and an opportunity for creativity for our Department of Public Services, who take point on design, installation, and maintenance of the display. Work begins early each year in designing the annual Winter Lights display, and crews begin light installation throughout the downtown starting in early autumn. The lights are lit and on display from Thanksgiving weekend through early January. 

The City of Westbrook works every day toward making our community a more inclusive place to live, work, and play, and this work extends to our holiday light investments as well. Decisions concerning holiday lights align with the City's responsibility to avoid displaying materials as a form of government speech that would reasonably be perceived to be an endorsement of a religion. The City of Westbrook may choose to display items determined by court action to be secular and non-denominational in nature, including but not limited to Christmas trees, dreidels, and snowflakes. Our goal is to provide a beautiful light show that everyone in our diverse community can equally enjoy. 


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