A career at the City of Westbrook could be the perfect choice for you - Fulfilling, Rewarding, Secure, and Close to Home. If you're looking for a new opportunity, making a career change, moving back to Maine, or just starting out after school consider a municipal job at the City of Westbrook. 

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Our Featured Jobs:

Police Officer: Westbrook Police Department is a premier New England law enforcement agency. The PD consists of 45 sworn officers and six civilian employees. We are dedicated to working in partnership with citizens, business owners, and civic leaders for the purpose of deterring crime, protecting the city, and improving the quality of life in neighborhoods. The PD handles nearly 35,000 calls for service annually. Learn more by scheduling a ride-along, contact Officer Clark at or view our brochure.

Equipment Operator and Light Equipment Operator: The Public Service Department is essential to constructing, maintaining, and improving roads and other infrastructure in the City of Westbrook. These Operator positions have varied work and out in the fresh air. Learn more by reading our Equipment Operator brochure and Light Equipment Operator brochure.

Systems Operator: This position perform complex operational and maintenance duties for the safe, efficient operation of the Wastewater Collection System including 13 pump stations, 1,625 publicly owned manholes, and 67 miles of sewer pipe. Learn more by reading our Systems Operator brochure

Firefighter/EMT: The Fire & Rescue Department mission is to be the leading force in the provision of fire and rescue services through our commitment to professionalism, superior training, advanced skill development, and superior service. The department consists of 70 members consisting of full-time (career), per diem, call members, and a Fire-Police unit.  They handle nearly 5,000 calls for service annually, 3,755 which are for medical services.  Learn more by reading our brochure.

Discover why Maine is one of the best places to Live and Work

Each year, individuals and families, young and old, relocate to Maine for the benefits of the state's safe towns and cities, good schools, welcoming communities, and recreational opportunities from the ocean to the mountains.  Westbrook's unique location, in southern Maine, offers the chance to work in an urban environment with the option of rural living.  Don't just take our word for it! View our brochure on some reasons to call Maine Home!

Our Open Jobs

Equipment Operator IFull-Time$23.95 - $27.55/hour, sign-on bonus eligible
Police OfficerFull-Time$24.91 - $34.48/hour, sign-on bonus eligible
Per Diem FirefighterVariable$19.52 - $30.62/hour
Call FirefighterVariable$19.14 - $24.49/hour
Camp CounselorVariable - Seasonal$13.15 - $16.15/hour

Our Recruitment Process

  • Find the right position that fits your interests 
  • Apply Online, Via Email, or In-Person: Whether you have found us through our jobs page, Indeed, the Maine Municipal Association (MMA), Facebook, or other platforms, you can apply online, via email, or in-person.  Be sure to include all necessary information, including the position applied for, salary requirement, experience, education, qualifications, and certifications.  
  • Phone Screen: Once you've applied, if an HR Representative identifies your application as a match, they will reach out to you via email or phone to discuss your skills and experience related to the position.   
  • Interview: If the phone screen was successful, you will be invited for an in-person interview with the members of the hiring team. This conversation will dive deeper into your expertise and experience. This is also a great time to ask questions related to the team.  You might have one or more additional interviews.
  • Decision: After all interviews are finalized, the hiring team and HR will discuss and proceed with an offer to the final candidate.  Whether the interview was successful or not, you will hear from an HR Representative. The final candidate will be required to go through a background, reference, and potentially a medical clearance, physical agility test, and polygraph depending on the position.

Our EEO Policy and DEI Statement

The City of Westbrook is an equal opportunity workplace and prohibits discrimination or harassment of any kind. We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identify, and/or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, veteran status or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

The City of Westbrook values a diverse workforce and workplace and strongly encourages women, people of color, LGBT+ individuals, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, foreign-born residents, and veterans to apply. 

A Message from our Mayor...

"While serving as Mayor, we continue to make retention and recruitment of professional leaders a priority for the City while ensuring we pay a competitive wage, offer a rich benefits plan, and ensure positive employee morale. Creating a workplace that employees feel supported and appreciated is critical to work/life balance. The City has been able to grow and develop our employees and offer promotional opportunities to remain with the city for years to come.” – Mayor Michael T. Foley

Meet Our Team Members

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Joshua Starkey, Equipment Operator, Public Services Department

I have worked for the City of Westbrook since December 2021 as an Equipment Operator I.  What I enjoy most about working here are the advancement opportunities and having the ability to learn new things and better myself.  I like working for the Public Services Department because I enjoy working outside and having a variety of responsibilities each day.  I’m not doing the same things day in and day out.  I would recommend working for the City of Westbrook because there are many jobs covering a vast range of career opportunities.  Plus, the blend of businesses and residents that appreciate the work our crews do each day is very rewarding.  I also enjoy working with trees and doing storm clean ups.

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Katherine Radke, Librarian, Walker Memorial Library

I have worked for the Walker Memorial Library for almost eight years. I live in Westbrook and have the shortest commute of all time.  I can walk to work in minutes. I also love working with kids and books and helping everyone enjoy reading, whether it is through picture books, audiobooks, e-books, graphic novels, chapter books, etc.  Reading for enjoyment is great for the brain. The food in Westbrook is also great, and I really appreciate those restaurants that offer vegan options. I am very likely to recommend a friend to work for the City of Westbrook.  Westbrook clearly has a lot of people who genuinely care about the city and are working hard to improve the lives of everyone who lives here.  I am extremely impressed with the Westbrook School Librarians and how hard they work to enrich student education.  I enjoy having fun with the kids and adults in our programs and seeing people genuinely enjoy the library.

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Prosper Lohomboli, Community DEI Resources Coordinator, General Assistance/Social Services Department

I have been working for the City of Westbrook since July 2022.  There are many things that keep me with the City including: feeling valued, well paid, good benefits and incentives, a positive and collaborative working environment, exciting and challenging work, great relationships with my supervisors and colleagues, plus career growth, including learning and development that boosts my potential. The City of Westbrook is the best job for those who need a good career with great retirement benefits.  I am 100% willing to recommend my friends to join this wonderful team serving the community.  Westbrook is a friendly and welcoming community where multiculturalism is respected and honored.  What I like the most about working here is the effort and engagement of the leadership, the diverse organizations, community groups and residents to promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

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Zipporah Velasco, Patrol Officer, Police Department

As of November 2022, I have been with the City of Westbrook for three years.  The people I work with are what keeps me here.  They are all amazing individuals that make being here enjoyable. I recommend to friends and others to come work in Westbrook all the time. What I like most about working in the Westbrook community is the support the community has for what we do as first responders.  I enjoy working with our Community Policing Liaison and going to community events.  I think it’s important to get out in the community and show everyone that we can be fun and that work in Westbrook is more than just a job for us.

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Bill Nelson, Certified Dispatcher, Emergency Communications Department

I have worked in Westbrook Communications since October 2009. Over my 12-year tenure, what continues to keep me here is the people that I work both with and for. I enjoy a strong camaraderie and a supportive management team. I am always telling people what a great place this city is to work in. The City of Westbrook is a small city with a big heart. The major satisfaction about my job is making sure that both staff and the public are as safe as I can help them to be.  We are on the front lines to assist our community when in need.  

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Lynn Leavitt, Sustainability Coordinator, Public Services Department

I have worked for the City of Westbrook for twelve years.  I like working at the municipal level as you are able to be involved in a variety of tasks and projects that keeps work interesting and you can see the impact you’re making on the community.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working for the City to a friend, especially now, with so much change and energy in the City.  It’s a great place to find an opportunity. One of the things I like the most about working in the Westbrook community is that I enjoy the variety of work and the relationships.  Westbrook has a great combination of long-term and new residents, rural and urban areas, and types of environments which keeps things interesting.  There are changes happening all the time. It’s great to be able to be part of all that and to build relationships within the community and with surrounding communities. I like not necessarily knowing what I’ll be doing on a given day or at least knowing that it won’t be the same thing from day to day.  Maybe I’ll be responding to an environmental concern; maybe I’ll be talking to a group about recycling or sustainability; maybe I’ll be working on new outreach material or even fixing a recycle bin.  The ability to mix it up keeps things interesting.  It also helps that I work with some talented and hilarious people.

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Mark Theriault, Captain, Fire & Rescue Department

I am working on my 26th year with the Westbrook Fire Department.  I am fortunate to know what I’ve wanted to do for a career at a very young age.  Along with this occupation comes great benefits, schedule, and a strong passion.  The department is ever evolving and progressing.  In this line of work, those two points are a must and Westbrook is working towards the tip of the spear.  The comradery and friendships formed in the emergent work are second to none.  There’s no place I’d rather be.  I am very likely to recommend this city in someone’s career search and I often do. In a word, what I like the most about working in the Westbrook Community, is diversity.  From its melting pot of citizens and commuters to its structures and geography.  For emergent work, like the fire service, this community gives its workers a palpable sense of accomplishment and necessity.  Knowing full well that we work for the people and are given the responsibility to protect this entire community is an honor of a lifetime.   Using our skills to make things a little bit better when the call comes in is what fills this job and its firefighters with pride.

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Ellis Ledoux, Deputy City Clerk (Elections Administrator), City Clerk's Office

In October of 2021, I got the opportunity to come back to the City working as the Executive Assistant for the Mayor’s office. In my time here, I’ve been able to foster my relationship with City leadership and the Westbrook Community, as my role grew in the City, I began working more with the City Clerk’s Office with office assistance and elections. In June 2023, I accepted an offer of becoming the Deputy City Clerk (Elections Administrator), which allows me more time to work directly with our community, helping them partake in their right to vote.  I previously worked for the City of Westbrook in another capacity from 2016-2018.  I came back to Westbrook because this is my home.  I grew up in Westbrook and have established myself here.  When I first came to work for the City, I instantly felt the camaraderie among the group.  We are all here to work towards the same goal, which is to better our community for our citizens and visitors.  I would absolutely recommend working for the City of Westbrook. Westbrook has always been a growing community, but I take pride that Westbrook has always maintained a small hometown feel.  Our residents are proud of being from Westbrook and I love the collaboration between our residents and the City to create a community that people want to be a part of. What I love most about being a Deputy City Clerk for the City is the variety of work.  Every day presents a different opportunity.  I get to interact with employees from all departments and I also get to have daily interaction with our citizens.  I love being able to connect with everyone.

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John Smith, Aquatics Coordinator, Community Center

I have worked for the City of Westbrook since 2005 as a Lifeguard and Certified Pool Operator.  I have been the Aquatics Coordinator for one year.  I like working at the Westbrook Community Center because of the wonderful people who use the building, as well as the staff I get to work with every day.  I have been around pools and swimming my entire life.  I enjoy helping swimmers improve their swimming from where they are now to teaching beginners how to swim. I would gladly recommend that my friends look for employment opportunities within the City of Westbrook.  The people you work with, as well as those that use our Community Center are second to none.  I personally enjoy our wonderful staff.  Everyone is friendly and enjoys talking with each other about life and how they are doing.  We are a family and we all enjoy each other.  I love teaching swimming and helping others find the same love of the water as I have myself.

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Colby Clark, Patrol Officer, Police Department

I have worked as a K9 Patrol Officer for just over five years.  I enjoy the opportunity for career advancement and the specialty positions keep me here.  I like the fast pace of our work environment and would highly recommend a friend to work for the City of Westbrook. Westbrook is a growing city and there is constant change in the community. The thing I like most about my job is being a K9 handler and working to improve on our skill set to be an asset to the City and surrounding areas. 

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Tony, K-9, Police Department
Tony has been with the Westbrook Police Department since September 2021.  He is a year and half old and his favorite toy is a ball on a rope.   

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