Riverbank Park

About Riverbank Park 

Riverbank Park is located on Main Street in the heart of Westbrook, nestled between the Presumpscot River and our downtown community. This family-friendly park is home to a gazebo, green fields, a playground, access to the river, and the Westbrook Veterans' Brick Memorial. 

Riverbank Park is a popular location for celebrations and events such as concerts, weddings, fairs, races, the annual Holiday Tree Lighting, and Westbrook Together Days, a weekend-long festival celebrating our community. 

Reserving the Park 

All City parks, including Riverbank Park, are intended for community enjoyment and their amenities may be used and shared on a first-come first-served basis. Private citizens and organizations may reserve Riverbank Park (or a portion thereof) for their exclusive use by applying for an Event Permit from the City of Westbrook. 

An Event Permit is required whenever an applicant wishes to reserve City property (including Riverbank Park) for their exclusive use, and/or if the planned activity will require the City to provide services, such as street closures, Public Services support, Police Officers, Fire/EMS, etc. 

All applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event, and must include the following: 

  • The completed Event Permit Application (see link below)
  • $200 application fee (waived for Westbrook-based charitable organizations) 
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance in a minimum coverage amount of $400,000, naming the City of Westbrook as an additional insured, accompanied by either (1) an endorsement, or (2) the policy's additional insured provisions
  • A map or sketch outlining the proposed use of space 
  • Additional fees as may be assessed based upon the event's use of City services and amenities 


Can I reserve the gazebo for a wedding?

You may reserve City property (including the gazebo at Riverbank Park) for your exclusive use upon obtaining an Event Permit as described above. Otherwise, the gazebo is available on a first-come first-served basis. 

Can I use the park for a birthday party, wedding, family reunion, etc., without getting an Event Permit?

You may use the park for these kinds of activities on a first-come first-served basis so long as the activity does not otherwise require City resources (such as tapping into City electricity, etc.) or prevent others from enjoying the park as an open public space. It may be in your interest to contact the City Clerk's Office at 207-591-8131 to determine if the park has already been reserved for your preferred dates, before planning a gathering at the park without an Event Permit. 

Can I use City electricity at the park?

The City has a locked electrical box located at the gazebo at Riverbank Park. Access to power may be granted only to those who hold Event Permits. 

Are there trash cans and bathrooms at the park?

The City has a few trash cans placed in the park for regular day use and small amounts of trash generated by events. However, it is unacceptable to pile large amounts of trash on the ground next to trash receptacles. The City of Westbrook encourages a carry-in carry-out policy for most groups generating large amounts of trash. 

The City maintains two porta-potties at Riverbank Park located near the flag pole on the Dunn Street side of the park. 

Can we set up tents and equipment wherever we want in the park?

City staff will work with Event Permit applicants to determine the best location for the event and to identify the location of any underground utilities prior to any objects being driven into the ground. 

Where can we park?

Parking spaces are available throughout the park itself, and public parking lots are located on either side of the park. Please adhere to any posted "no parking" signs. 

Permit Applications