Winter Parking

Citywide Winter Parking Ban is in effect November 15-April 15 

No vehicles can be parked on any Westbrook street between 12am and 6am.

If your car is parked on the road and it is impeding snow removal, it can be towed.

Parking is permitted in Snow Emergency Parking Zones in the Mechanic Street Lot (CVS lot), Church Street Lot, and the Ash Street Lot. 

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. If it is snowing or expected to snow, please consider it a “Snow Emergency”.
  2. When parking overnight in a city-owned downtown lot during a Snow Emergency, vehicles need to be parked in the Green Zones between the hours of 12 AM and 7 AM.  Green Zones are located in the Mechanic Street Lot, Ash Street Lot and Church Street Lots as shown on the map (see reverse) and as designated by Green Zones signs at those locations.

    Any vehicle not parked in the designated Green Zones during a Snow Emergency will be ticketed and towed.

       3. Vehicles must be moved out of the Green Zones by 7 AM to allow for snow removal.

Any vehicles parked in Green Zones between 7 AM & 8 AM during a Snow Emergency will be ticketed & towed.

Snow Emergency Parking Public Presentation

Snow Emergency Parking Zones

Downtown Parking overview with snow zones highlighted

church street lot snow emerg zone

Mechanic Street Lot CVS Snow Emerg Zone

Ash Street lot Snow Emergency Zone


What is a snow emergency? A snow emergency is defined as a plowable snow event.

Why do we need to park in snow emergency parking zones during a plowable snow event? It is necessary for snow removal operations and parking lot maintenance and to maximize parking availability during the winter months.

Can I park my car overnight in the downtown lots when there is no snow emergency? Yes, in posted lots, provided that your vehicle is not a commercial vehicle the following lots allow for overnight parking during non-snow emergency events:  

Walker Memorial Library no overnight parking at anytime.

How do I know if there is a snow emergency? A snow emergency is any plowable event. We recommend that if it is snowing, assume it’s a plowable event and park your car accordingly.

If it is a snow emergency (plowable snow) does that mean I have to move my vehicle into a snow emergency designated area between the hours of midnight and 7 am? Yes  Further, does it mean I would move my vehicle by 7am out of a snow emergency designated area? Yes

Who do I contact when my car is towed?  Westbrook Police Department Non-emergency line 207-854-0644

Who can I contact for general questions related to parking? Westbrook Public Services 207-854-0660