Time Capsule Items

Below are the items removed from the Centennial Time Capsule that has been in Riverbank Park since June 9, 1914. These items will be housed at the Westbrook Historical Society.

Contents of Centennial Time Capsule

(Listed in order as taken out of time capsule.)

  1. Greetings from Centennial Committee (PDF)
  2. *Newspaper article (PDF)
  3. List of Committees (25 pages) (PDF)
  4. Board of Trade By-laws 1910 (PDF)
  5. Westbrook Congregational Church Book (PDF)
  6. Westbrook Congregational Church Directory 1914 (PDF)
  7. *Centennial Celebration Invitation (PDF)
  8. House Guide (PDF) to the City of Westbrook (in envelope) Printed after the streets were numbered in 1903
  9. Committees' Expenses (PDF)
  10. Vouchers for all bills of the Centennial Accounts (PDF)
  11. List of Subscribers to the Centennial Fund (PDF)
  12. *Centennial Executive Committee of 1914 (biographies) (PDF)
  13. Annual Banquet Program of Board of Trade December 16, 1914 (PDF)
  14. Picture Post Cards (4) (PDF)
  15. Picture Post Cards (3) (PDF)
  16. Program (PDF)
  17. Mass Meeting Program (PDF)
  18. Headquarters of Grand Marshal - Westbrook Centennial Parade (PDF) (parade line-up)
  19. *Address at Dedication of Riverbank Park (PDF) - Signed by John E Warren on June 9, 1914
  20. Centennial Poster (PDF) (part of newspaper)
  21. Portland Sunday Telegram - Westbrook Centenary Edition (PDF) - June 7, 1914
  22. The Daily Eastern Argus (PDF) - Tuesday morning, June 9, 1914
  23. Medals (PDF): Committee pin on a “customers wants” card. Leather strap with City Seal/Centennial Medallion (100th Anniversary Incorporation of Westbrook, Maine)
  24. Daily Eastern Argus (PDF) - Wednesday morning, June 10, 1914 (medals were sitting on this newspaper which caused the rust hole in the paper)
  25. A Few Points of Interest about Westbrook (PDF) - December 15, 1914 (with map (PDF))
  26. Parade picture (PDF) - Presumpscot Electric Co.
  27. Parade pictures - SD. Warren Co. (PDF) and Military marching (PDF)
  28. Parade picture 1 (PDF) and 2 (PDF)
  29. Parade picture 3 (PDF) and 4 (PDF)
  30. Parade picture 5 (PDF)
  31. The City Newsletter (PDF)

*Item read at Bicentennial Event