Wandering Westbrook

Enjoy Westbrook

There are so many places to explore in Westbrook! Take some time this spring and summer to wander down these trails, take your bike, hike, or go for a paddle. Enjoy the beauty of Westbrook and see parts of it you may not have known existed:

  1. River Walk in Downtown Westbrook – Pick it up on  Bridge Street behind the restaurants, or at the other end near Fraser  Softball Field and the Cornelia Warren Outdoor Pool, or anywhere  along Riverbank Park. Walk, run, bike, or take a kayak down the river,  departing from one of the two boat launches laid out along the River  Walk. Plenty of benches to sit and relax and watch the river or feed the ducks.
  2. River Walk Loop – The loop crosses the river over the bridge (Bridge Street) and brings you into Brown Street’s Frenchtown. Once there, find the third boat ramp and the community garden.
  3. Sebago to the Sea Trail – This trail makes up the central part of a trail system that reaches from Sebago Lake to Casco Bay. Runnable, walkable, bikeable through both downtown Westbrook and the nature trails along the river.
  4. Stroudwater Trail – An extension of the trail that ties into the Fore River Sanctuary in Portland. Our newest trail.
  5. Suckfish Brook – A shared trail with Falmouth. Accessible via Mast Road off of Duck Pond Road.