Beautification Efforts

In November of 2013 the Westbrook Environmental Improvement Corporation (WEIC) approved a City beautification effort.

Community Beautification 

Broadway Gardens of Westbrook visited the four primary sites with staff and agreed to help us design, prepare, plant and maintain vibrant, visible, seasonal plantings in an effort to beautify key intersections and send a strong community message about Westbrook pride.

 Flower Gardens

With WEIC funding and Broadway Gardens supplying design work and flowers at wholesale prices and Cumberland County Jail providing the labor - four community flower gardens were planted at four major intersections.

WEIC is also funding the ongoing watering, feeding and weeding for each location.

Main Street Beautification Effort

View the following video about the Main Street Beautification effort:

Main Street Tree Planting

WEIC is working with the City Arborist on a comprehensive tree planting program. Our goal is to enhance and restore our Gateway and Main Street canopies that have been impacted by over time by disease, weather and trimming. Restoring trees to the City landscape will provide environmental benefits such as reducing peak stormwater flows, reducing heat island effects, and improving water quality.

Westbrook Sign
Flower Garden