Mission & Core Values

Mission StatementWestbrook Police Department Uniform Shoulder Patches, Original Design (1959), 2nd Design (1962) and

“We, the members of the Westbrook Police Department, proudly commit ourselves to maintaining the public’s trust by ethically, courageously, and impartially serving our diverse community, maintaining order, enforcing laws, reducing the perception of fear and improving the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the City of Westbrook. We pledge to be accountable while displaying professionalism and compassion as we fulfill our mission.”

Core Values


We believe our officers should be trained to the highest level of law enforcement standards; ensuring we maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to serve our great city in a manner that the public has come to expect and deserves.


We believe that holding ourselves accountable - admitting errors, learning from our mistakes, and making needed adjustments - is integral to maintaining the public's faith in their police department.


We believe that the exercise of compassion by our officers is invaluable. Compassion is what motivates us to assist others who are unable to adequately protect or help themselves.


We believe it is vitally important for our officers to be honest, have strong moral principles, and to possess the highest moral and ethical standards, both on and off duty.


We believe it is integral to our success as officers to treat all people fairly. Fairness on the part of the police leads to trust by the public, allowing us to build stronger relationships.


We believe that our officers must possess the courage to do what is right, to confront danger, intimidation and uncertainty, and when necessary, forsake our own well-being in defense of another.