Upcoming Election Information

Next Election

The next election will be held on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. 

The State ballot will contain primary elections for U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, Governor, State Senate Districts 26 & 27, State House Districts 126, 127 & 128, County Commissioner District 4, Sherriff, Judge of Probate, and District Attorney. Visit the Maine Secretary of State's website for more information on the upcoming State primary. The Municipal ballot will contain municipal referendum questions.

Sample Ballots

For voters participating in the State Primary election, your unique Senate & House district combination will determine which ballot you receive. Not sure which district you live in? Visit the State of Maine's Voter Information Lookup Service to find your Senate & House districts. 

Sample State Primary Ballots
Only voters enrolled in the Democratic or Republican party will be able to vote a primary ballot in Westbrook this June 14th. The deadline to change parties (going from one party to another) and still be eligible to vote in the Primary election is May 27, 2022. Please note that any unenrolled voter (registered, but not affiliated with a political party) may enroll in a party at any time to become eligible to vote a Primary ballot. 

Sample Municipal School Budget Validation Referendum Ballot
All registered Westbrook voters are eligible to vote the Municipal School Budget Referendum ballot.