Recycle Bin Lending Program

Westbrook Public Services now offers portable recycle bins to residents free of charge. These containers are perfect for special events where you have extra recycling or for events held at public spaces where recycle bins are not available. The program is simple:

  1. Contact Public Services at 207-591-8135 to check for bin availability.
  2. Fill out a lending form (PDF) and lending terms (PDF) (available from Westbrook Public Services as well).
  3. Pick up the recycle bins (up to 3) at Public Services.
  4. Enjoy your event!
  5. Return the recycle bins to Public Services.

Dispose of the recyclables as part of your curbside collection (remove them from the plastic bags first) or drop them off at Pine Tree Waste or Riverside Recycling.

Clear Stream Recycle Bin