Arranging a Burial

Steps for Scheduling a Burial

You have two options to arrange a burial depending on whether or not  you choose to work with a funeral home. In either case one weeks notice  for the burial or interment is appreciated.

Option A - Working with a Funeral Home

The funeral home will make all burial arrangements with the  City. It is unnecessary for you to contact the City unless you have  specific questions.

Option B - Not Using a Funeral Home

  1. Select a date and time for the burial or interment with family and friends
  2. Schedule a minister or priest if desired
  3. Schedule a date and time with the City, you may call the City at 207-854-0660, ext. 3007
  4. Contact monument company for stone

Rules for Cremations

  • Cremains (ashes) must be contained in a marble or concrete urn. If not, a vault is required.
  • The City allows 2 cremations in a single grave.